Window ,Door, and through wall pipe Flashing standards.

Waterproof flashing in general ( Meaning Door/Window and Pipe Flashing) is probably the most missed part of a contractors check list, or most overlooked item on the job-site. Unfortunately for homeowners they will not be aware of this breakdown until they move into their new home.

I’m going to briefly talk about window, door and Pipe Flashing and some common areas-soon to be homeowners could look for to make sure their homes are protected.

Window flashing is the largest area of a home where water could leak into a home. The highest leak potential is where the flange of the window is nailed onto the home. To install a window correctly in a new home under construction starts with three critical steps. First the exterior walls should have a waterproof membrane installed and wrap the membrane into each window hole.


Steps to proper flashing for windows and doors.

Second you will install the window into the hole. You will need to apply silicone caulking to the back of the window flange before nailing. Once the window is nailed off you will need to install a drip cap on top of the window.


After the cap is installed you will need to install the self adhesive window flashing. Many companies manufacture this product such as Dupont, Weather tite and more. You will start by installing the two sides of your window. Once this is done the next step is to install the top flashing. You want to make sure the top piece of flashing covers the two side pieces as well as the drip cap flange.


These same practices can be used for most exterior door applications as well. The system will need to be modified slightly depending on the door manufacture.

Through the wall pipe flashing is very critical. There is one manufacture that makes plastic flanges that can be installed over every penetration in the wall. This company is called Quick Flashing. I have attached a picture for you to view. This company makes a great product; however there are less expensive and less complicated ways to flash all penetrations in a exterior wall.


Another way to achieve the same protection without the expense or hassle of ordering the hundreds of different types of flashing is very similar to the process for the doors and windows. You can use the 6″ self adhesive flashing and apply this tape around all the penetrations. You want to make sure you do this after your first layer of waterproof membrane has been installed. This will give you better adhesion. You can use this flashing for all the pipe and electrical outlets that have been cut into the wall.

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