Men are from Mars


What does this have to do with luxury custom homes? Everything! Have you ever gone shopping with your man only to realize that he is either looking for the nearest exit, checking his e-mail or checking out? There aren’t shopping venues on Mars so that is why men like that planet. On Mars you simply push a button, pay and you get whatever you want quickly. On Venus, there are beautifully adorned


shops that Venusians (not sure if that’s the word) walk by as they sip their latte and discuss how lovely the items inside are…meanwhile, martians shake their heads in disgust at these behaviors.

So you dream up a custom luxury home together, but can’t imagine trying to work through the details with a martian that hates to shop. Well Matt and Kim Bailey know exactly how you feel! Kim married a martian more than 20 years ago and has been deeply immersed into the study of martian ways. Likewise, Matt Bailey is getting very well-versed in speaking Venus lingo, or womanese as some call it. They are a team that has become bilingual and extremely talented at helping bridge the gap between the planets. They’ve streamlined the architectural, design and final details process to make it an enjoyable experience rather than a galactic trip to a planet you don’t wish to see.

Don’t believe me? Come into our showroom for an overview of our luxury home building process and see for yourself that laughing about galactic differences is possibly the best remedy to space travel. Matt’s direct approach and many years of experience make selections easy and Kim’s infinate patience and creativity allow for Venus-lovers to explore their options while sipping their latte. Whatever your language, style and planetary preferences, Masters Touch Custom Homes can make your luxury home building process a successful experience!

Deciding to live on earth together is a beautiful thing…we make beautiful habitats that are safe and comfortable for both species.

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