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Unfortunately as a homebuilder we are tasked with using countless natural resources to build our homes. This has put a large strain on our environment from raw material production to landfill waste disposal.

As a custom home builder we create over 70 yards of lumber debris, 10 yards of stucco and rock debris, 5 yards of cardboard debris, 25 yards of drywall debris, 2 yards of roofing tile and misc nail/ metal debris. These areas listed above account for 85% of the total waste to build one home that is 5000 square feet. All of which was previously sent to our local landfill.

The City of Austin estimates that 10 – 30% of the landfill debris is generated from new construction or remodeling of homes. If each builder implemented Waste Recycling we could reduce the our landfill as much as 30%.

Construction Waste Recycling consists of three separate functions to maximize overall recycling efforts. As a builder we are responsible for making sure our vendors know how the debris is to be separated. On each job site there will be a 10 yard metal bin that is used for all material that can’t be recycled. This would primarily include plastics and lunch debris. In front of the home there would be individual piles of rock/stucco, drywall, lumber, and roofing tiles. Local Recycling contractors would bring a large grinder to the jobsite and chip/crush all the construction debris.


Jobsite waste recycling

Construction Waste Recycling

Once the material is ground each group of shavings can be used for different things. For instance the lumber is chipped to meet erosion control measure for undeveloped lots. The bark chippings can also be used in flower beds. The Gypsum powder is mixed into the clay top soils to enrich the soil and provide great drainage.

In Theory most of the debris that is generated from each home can be recycled right into the land it came from.

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