How to Find the Best Builder


You’ve decided you want to build your dream home and have googled a list of builders from the internet…now what? Well, for starters, you might want to broaden your search just a bit. Yes, google is great for just about anything you need but when you are building a luxury custom home you may want to use a few other methods to start your search because bigger custom builders tend to spend more on SEO, marketing, and web ads than the boutique builders. Calling your local Builder Associations or checking out their websites to see who is on the board and who is writing articles is another method. Contacting top realtors that specialize in buying and ask who they recommend to their clients. Ask them who builds the best quality homes in your area. Realtors are well aware of problems that come up in the building process and good buyers agents will direct clients away from those builders. Calling lenders to inquire about the best builders in the area is also an option. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, here are some of the main points to look for in a builder:

Are they able to listen well to your needs and desires and work with you rather than take over and direct you to their floorplans?

As you interview your builder try to pick up on whether or not they are hearing what you’re saying and understanding what you want. Are they giving you feedback on your dreams? A good builder will not only listen but also share concerns and experience about what you want.

What does their design and architectural process look like? Is it cookie cutter, or are they flexible enough to give you a process that fits into your time schedule and needs? Some buyers want to be involoved in every detail while others want to have their home built with as little of their time as possible. Flexibility is important. Are they flexible enough to seek other vendors? For example, do they have a showroom of lights or flooring that they use and you must choose from that, or do they have an in-house design team that will customize every component of the home for you? It’s important to understand all the selections available and not be limited to a few that builder uses on all homes.

What kind of framing, insulation, plumbing and lighting and technology do they use?

You want to make sure that your builder is using the best contractors and vendors in the industry and not cutting corners to make more money. Will the designer choose from a wide variety of vendors for your lighting or are you limited to a few? Does your builder ever commission private artists to create the perfect railing or light fixture to fit your needs? Can they install state-of-the-art technology in the home if you want it.

Ask for referals!!

Will they give you a couple of clients numbers and possibly show you the homes built for them? What were the experiences of the clients and their homes after a couple of years in them.

What is the ratio of spec vs custom homes?

This will give you an idea of how many discerning clientele the builder works with one-on-one.

All in all, by doing your research up front you will be more satisfied with the process of building as well as your final luxury investment!

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