Energy-Efficient Homes of Serene Hills


Contemporary energy-effiecient homes of Serene Hills

Nestled into the rolling canyons just off of 71 and west of Falconhead East lies a new luxury community that boasts some of the most energy-efficient homes in Austin. Serene Hills is a custom luxury community that has attracted Austin's top builders due to its majestic, sweeping views. These builders have brought their best products and most energy-efficient designs to the neighborhood.

Buying or building a home is a huge decision. One of the most important topics when building is the subject of energy-efficiency. With Austin's rising energy bills, it's especially crucial that buyers consider this detail. Masters Touch Custom Homes is very aware of the extra steps required to reduce energy loss and we strives to create a home that is state-of-the art when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Many people think ugly, solar panels, and strange elevations when they think energy-effiency, but at Masters Touch Custom Homes we make energy-efficient look fabulous! A lot of what we do goes on behind the scenes. For example, when framing homes, we use 2x6 lumber rather than 2x4. It is an additional cost but will save the buyer so much money in the long run on energy costs. The thicker lumber provided better insulation against energy loss. Properly installed zip wall rather than Tyvek wrap ensures less energy loss than traditional building methods. Special care around windows and doors is another detail we are extremely particular about when wrapping a home. We use a special rubberized sealant to reduce the normal 25% energy loss that occurs around windows and doors in a home. The zip wall and sealant provides a water and air seal that doesn't allow water or air into the home. Our contractors are specially trained to install this zip wall and sealant properly around the windows and doors using special methods that guarantee less leakage.

Solar orientation is an extremely important concept when planning the location of the home on a lot and the direction it faces. Our homes are naturally-lit with passive light because of the careful placement of our homes on the lots. Homes face north or south and all main windows are on the walls facing these directions. Foam insulation is another detail we don't skip. Regular fiberglass insulation can grow mold, is less effficient, and can fall or droop over years. Foam provides tiny micro bubbles that create yet another water and air shield for the home. Dual panel glass with argon air inside of it also provides excellent insulation to the hot sun. Energy-efficient air conditioners and heaters with wifi controls are installed into our homes thus reducing energy costs and loss. Using the latest, cutting-edge materials and gadgets helps us ensure that our homes are top of the line when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Finally, we use tankless water heaters warmed by natural gas to reduce energy loss even further. Traditional water heating methods are far less efficient. We also utilize the best a/c and heating units available that are 95% energy efficient and use wifi thermostats to create an even more efficient heating and cooling process. With this technology you can stay away later or not go home and lower your heat via internet. Technology is changing the way we build and the way people live.

If you are interested in an energy-efficient home contact Kimberly Bailey at 512-799-8342 about our latest net zero home. It'll be one of the first homes in Austin to be almost completely free of using electricity outside of what the home creates, and it will be a work of art!

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