Build a Faux Stone Range Hood to look like Solid Stone.


One thing Austin Texas is blessed with is the abundance of stone. There are many importers of Cantera Stone as well as an abundance of quarried stone. Using natural stone however is not always the most economical solution to building a custom range hood over your stove.

There is another option you can use to give you a stone hood look but construct it from wood and drywall. You can have your carpenter build a wood sloped support that will allow drywall to be attached. You can make this hood look anyway you like. You can curve the hood in or out, you can add bump out details around the base and top of the hood to give this a more custom look.

The next few steps will tranform this dull looking range hood into the stone look-a-like masterpiece you are looking for. After the drywall has been attached to the wood framing you will need to apply your plaster stenciling. Find a few plastic stencils that you like. Lay the stencils on the range hood to get familiar with where and how you want your prints to be positioned.

Mix enough plaster ( 15 minute Drywall Mud ) in a large container. ( Be careful to not mix to much ). Trowel the Drywall mud over the stencils as they are placed on the range hood. Carefully lift the stencil from the drywall backing. Once you have all the plastering done and it has hardend you are ready to sand and paint. Take a 100 grit sanding sponge and gently knock down the raised Mud Stencil.

Now you need to apply a faux paint veneer like Behr Belliago . Apply the Behr Paint following the faux stone techniques seen on link. Once this is done your range hood will look as good if not better that a solid stone range hood for less than $750. See Example below:


Wood Framed and Drywalled Faux Stone Range Hood, Masters Touch Custom Homes, Preserve at Lakeway

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