5 Tips to Make your Master Bedroom a Place of Rest


So many of us suffer from a lack of sleep and rest. Making your bedroom an escape from the hustle and bustle of an over-productive society has become a modern day necessity. You will spend more time in your bedroom than you will in any other room during your lifetime. Most of that time will be sleeping but starting your day in a beautiful place can impact your day. Here are 5 tips from our in-house designer, Kim Bailey to making your bedroom all that it can be!

1.Create solitude and peace through quiet

Keep noise down by adding thick drapes or an upholstered headboard to help absorb noise. Consider using a peaceful noisemaker to blurr out distracting noises in your home.

2. Invest in comfortable, luxurious sheets

Make sure that your body is comfortable as you rest. Spending extra on high-quality, high thread count sheets will make a huge difference on how your body is able to breath as you rest.

3.Make your bed every morning

It sounds silly, but it’s a great way to start your day. You won’t be able to control the craziness of what happens in your day but taking little steps to create organization and harmony will help you control how you approach your day. When you come home from the craziness of life you’ll also have a peaceful, organized place to retreat.

4.Choose a relaxing and cool wall color

Color affects mood so pick a color that will calm and sooth you. Also consider the artwork and furnishings. Make sure that they aren’t over stimulating.

5. Say goodbye to tech!

That’s right you heard me. Place your phone in another room and get an old-fashioned alarm clock. The EMF’s and extra little beeps can really have an impact on your rest. Don’t have a TV or computer area in your bedroom if at all possible. The distraction of work is not good in the bedroom.

For more design tips on specific rooms of your home contact Kim Bailey of Luxury Real Estate and Design. Her 20+ years of design experience will help you create a restful retreat!


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