Allergy Proofing your Home


Living in Austin is a blessing, but many of us have experienced the downside of the other, not-so-nice A-word…Allergies! Giving our lungs and immune system a break from allergens by allergy-proofing your home will help your body relax and even heal from the allergy symptoms that plaque so many Austinites. Your air filters are your first defense! Make sure to use filters that handle particulate matter such as dust, dander and chemical matter. Investing in a free standing filter that is HEPA certified is also a must. Treehouse Home Improvement Center in Austin carries several brands of free standing filters. My favorite is the Austin Clean Air brand. The air filter is best kept on all day in your living area and moved into your bedroom at night.

Your next step is to combat dust mites. They’re so tiny it’s hard to believe they can make you ill. Consider wood or tile floors over carpet as these little critters love to fester in carpet. Wash all linens weekly in 130 degree water as well as the hot setting on the drying will kill those little buggers! Keeping your home cool year round will also insure that your home has low mite populations. Mites can’t reproduce under 77 degrees so grab some hot tea and a sweater.

Mold is another allergen that can grow in your home. Use cleaners once a week that kill mold and make sure to seal your grout after it’s been completely cleaned. Run a small amount of bleach and hot water through your wash machine weekly and let the lid open for it to dry completely after each wash. Drains are a favorite home for mold so make sure to properly clean your drains at least once a month. Lower humidity within your home by investing in a humidifier and run the fan in the bathroom when you shower.

Finally, get some green in your home. Peace plants, bamboo and ficus are all great greens that help naturally purify your air and create oxygen. If you are very sensative to mold then you’ll need to spread aquarium stones over the top of your potted soil. Mold can easily grow on top of the soil so letting the soil dry completely between watering can help minimize the start and spread of soil mold. Use essential oils in a diffuser near your plants. Oils that smell wonderful and naturally combat molds are thieves and lemon oil. Use earth-friendly cleaners and avoid bringing harsh chemicals in your home.


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